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WATCH: Patriots arrive in Minnesota for Super Bowl LII against the Eagles

The AirKraft has landed.


Earlier today, the New England Patriots held a Super Bowl send-off rally at the team's Gillette Stadium. Following the festivities, the Patriots' players, coaches and other personnel boarded buses, drove from Foxboro to Providence and flew west to Minnesota where the NFL title game against the Philadelphia Eagles will take place on Sunday.

Naturally, the AFC champions' arrival - one day after the Eagles touched down - is a big deal for the reporters already present in the Land of the 10,000 Lakes. The video above, posted by the Only In Boston Twitter account, shows the team's custom-designed airplane arrive at the airport and pull into the hangar; it also shows players and coaches deboarding.

Super Bowl week is officially upon us. Next up will be the so-called “opening night”, known as media day before last year. The Patriots, in case your are interested, will be the first team up and start their media appearance at around 8:10 p.m. Eastern.