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The Patriots have strong odds of playing in a Super Bowl rematch

But they’re more likely to face a new opponent.

NFL: FEB 05 Super Bowl LI - Falcons v Patriots

The New England Patriots have 5/7 odds (58.3%) of representing the AFC in the Super Bowl, according to oddsmaker Bovada, edging out the Pittsburgh Steelers at 5/2 (28.6%) and the Jacksonville Jaguars and Kansas City Chiefs tied at 8/1 (11.1%). The Buffalo Bills and Tennessee Titans are tied for the worst odds at 40/1 (2.4%).

The Patriots also have the best odds of winning the Super Bowl at 11/5, or 31.3%, ahead of the Minnesota Vikings at 15/4 (21.1%) and Steelers at 11/2 (15.4%).

New England has a chance to play in a Super Bowl rematch, with four of their six Super Bowl opponents of the Bill Belichick era in the postseason, but the two most likely opponents in the Super Bowl would be brand new.

Bovada gives a Patriots-Vikings match-up 4/1 odds of taking place (20.0%), followed by a Patriots-Saints tilt at 15/2 (11.8%). A Patriots-Rams Super Bowl also has 15/2 odds, while the Patriots-Eagles rematch has 9/1 odds (10.0%). A Patriots-Panthers game has 14/1 odds (6.7%) and a Patriots-Falcons game has 18/1 odds (5.6%), which has to be a troll job.

This means that the Patriots have a 34.1% chance of playing in a Super Bowl rematch, which would be a lot of fun to see- although I’m partial to finally getting a showdown between Tom Brady and Drew Brees.