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Watch episode three of the “Tom vs Time” documentary on Patriots quarterback Tom Brady

The show's latest episode just went online. Check it out!

S1:E3 The Social Game

Tom Brady may be the greatest football player of all time but football is a team sport. As Tom puts it, he’s nothing without the guys around him. So Tom takes some of his closest teammates to Yellowstone for a brotherhood bonding experience aka “Gladiator Camp.” But even on vacation, the training never stops - and it’s Tom’s connection with his teammates, even a man down, that helps the struggling Patriots get their groove back when they find themselves 2-2 early in the season.

Posted by Tom vs Time on Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Earlier this month, it has been reported that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will be the subject of a documentary that will give an intimate behind-the-scenes look at the NFL’s biggest star – one that is coincidentally the face of the league’s most seclusive franchise: The series Tom vs. Time chronicles Brady’s fight against football mortality in six episodes.

The first two of those episodes – “The Physical Game” and “The Mental Game” – premiered over the course of the last week. The latest “The Social Game” was just released and includes a look at Brady's summer hideout in Montana. Check out the full episode above.

The rest of the series will be published on the following day, with no date for the sixth and final episode released just yet:

Chapter 4: Thursday, 2/1

Chapter 5: Sunday, 2/4

You can watch the first episodes of Tom vs Time here:

Chapter 1: The Physical Game

Chapter 2: The Mental Game