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Former Patriots safety Rodney Harrison ranked the top 4 wide receivers he faced in the NFL

He also shared the two players that kept him up at night during his career.

New England Patriots v New York Jets Photo By Rob Tringali/SportsChrome/Getty Images

Former New England Patriots safety Rodney Harrison spoke with the media as part of NBC’s promotion for Super Bowl LII between the Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles. Harrison was asked about the odds his former teammate, wide receiver Randy Moss, would enter the Hall of Fame and Harrison went off on a tangent to rank his top four wide receivers.

Harrison stated that Moss should go to the Hall (of course), and then kept talking about other wide receivers he competed against.

Terrell Owens is another guy that deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. I played against Jerry Rice, I played against Randy Moss. And you talk about maybe the third best wide receiver I ever faced, it would be TO. He was such a threat. And Marvin Harrison is probably the fourth one. But Terrell Owens deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.”

So there you have it. The top four from Rodney are:

  1. Jerry Rice
  2. Randy Moss
  3. Terrell Owens
  4. Marvin Harrison

Harrison also shared a story of facing Moss in 1999, when Moss collected 7 catches for 127 yards and a touchdown against the San Diego Chargers.

“Two players in this league gave me anxiety,” Harrison reflected. “Randy Moss, and when I played him in ‘99, I made sure... coaches would always say line up 15 yards deep, 2 yards outside the hash [to cover Moss]. I lined up 22 yards deep because [of his speed].”

When asked about the other player that gave him nightmares, Harrison laughed and simply said, “Peyton Manning.”