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Film review: Bill Belichick shows how the Patriots were able to stop the Jets on third down

The Patriots took care of business against the Jets.

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick joined Scott Zolak to break down the team’s best plays against the New York Jets in the 2017 regular season finale. You can watch the video here.

Belichick starts by highlighting a sack that was the result of great coverage and teamwork up front. The players of note include Marquis Flowers, Adam Butler, and Jordan Richards, as Zolak points out that none of those were players expected to be big contributors (or even on the team) at the start of the offseason. The Jets failed to convert a third down attempt all game.

Belichick also highlights a touchdown by Dion Lewis through a misdirection play, a great open field tackles by James Harrison and Devin McCourty on third down, Ryan Allen’s punt that was caught by Matthew Slater, and then the final third down sack by Eric Lee to close the game.

Watch the video here.