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Joe Thomas’s take on the Jimmy Garoppolo situation will crack you up

The Cleveland Browns left tackle breaks down the Jimmy Garoppolo trade like only he can.

San Francisco 49ers v Cleveland Browns

Unless you grew up in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Cincinnati, or whatever the “Tri-City area” is, it’s more or less impossible to hate the Cleveland Browns, right? Aside from Browns fans typically also being Ohio State fans, the typical reaction to finding out someone you know likes the Browns usually comes down to “Oh, buddy...”

Now take Cleveland’s reliably hysterical left tackle Joe Thomas, put it together with ESPN’s BREAKING NEWS SOMETIMES SMART PEOPLE ARGUE WITH EACH OTHER bombshell last Friday, and you’ve got a guaranteed snort-laugh.

Let’s get started with what’s grinding everybody’s gears: why only a second round pick for Garoppolo?

But didn’t the Browns offer MULTIPLE FIRST ROUND PICKS and LeBron’s autograph??

Nothing like a mistake that haunts you for 10 years like an ex that still all goes to the same bars that you do, am I right??

Then Joe moves on to the “Why didn’t Bill pump the 49ers for everything they would possibly give for Jimmy G, like this is a Madden trade or something?” angle:

Could’ve probably worked the market at least a bit better, though.

And now, ladies and gents, the pièce de résistance:

Call it confirmation bias if you’d like, but this is the correct take on the Garoppolo trade, with all due respect to our Fan Notes From the Game maestro Alec Shane.

Now that we’ve got that, feel free to move on to your regularly scheduled “Joe Thomas to the Patriots in 2018” rumors.