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Patriots have the next Ernie Adams on the staff

New England has a tech wizard on the team doing...something.

New England Patriots Practice Photo by John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

First off, I just searched for “Patriots Computer” in the image search and the only real result was New England Patriots defensive tackle Alan Branch looking at his computer in the locker room. This is not a story about him.

This is a story about the Patriots next Ernie Adams, a computer genius by the name of Sean Harrington that MassLive’s Kevin Duffy so excellently profiled today. Harrington is so obscure that he’s barely mentioned in the Patriots guidebook, so of course he wouldn’t have a picture available.

Harrington attended Tufts where he developed football scouting software that would cut the time needed to map plays by a considerable amount. He played on the Tufts football team, too, and had a job offer from Google.

He’s the Patriots next Ernie Adams, in my mind. Adams was a former classmate of head coach Bill Belichick and had a Wall Street job before he was called to join Belichick on the football field. Harrington is cut of the same cloth.

Duffy does an excellent job writing about Harrington, so please go read his article here. It’s the best Patriots story you’ll read this week.