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Oddsmaker: Patriots remain heavy favorite to win championship, with strong chance for Super Bowl rematch

The Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons are still alive.

New York Jets v New England Patriots Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Oddsmaker Bovada gives the New England Patriots 2/1 odds (33.3%) of winning Super Bowl LII, the strongest odds in the NFL. They are followed by the Minnesota Vikings (15/4) and Pittsburgh Steelers (5/1). The Patriots divisional round opponent, the Tennessee Titans, have 50/1 odds (2.0%).

The Patriots also have 4/7 odds (63.6%) of winning the AFC, with the Steelers at 9/4 (30.8%).

New England has a chance of facing a team it previously defeated in the Super Bowl as both the Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons are alive. The two bird teams face off in the divisional round, so one will advance to the NFC Championship Game to play either the Minnesota Vikings or the New Orleans Saints.

Bovada gives the Patriots 3/1 odds of playing the Vikings, 9/2 odds of facing the Saints, and 11/2 and 17/2 odds of being in a rematch against the Falcons and Eagles, respectively.