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4 quick-hit thoughts about the Showdown at The Razor between the Patriots and Chiefs

New England defeated Kansas City in epic fashion yesterday.

Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

When the clock struck zero at Gillette Stadium, the Patriots claimed victory over the previously unbeaten Chiefs, 43-40. What everybody thought would be an explosive game was just that. This game had it all, from quick strikes to long drives. I don’t know how everyone else feels, but I want round two. I know we’ve got a long season still ahead of us, but how fun was that game?

Here are four quick-hit thoughts about the contest:

1. This was just a shootout, plain and simple. The defenses on both sides were less than stellar in this game. What worries me is the Chiefs we’re missing key contributors on their defense like Justin Houston and Eric Berry to name a few. In a likely match-up come playoff time they’ll be suited up while the Patriots defense got shredded in this game.

2. What the Patriots have going for them on defense is time. Where the Patriots defense wasn’t spectacular in this game the offense showed up in a big way. Leading the attack for the Patriots Tom Brady (340 yards, 1 TD) showed while at his age of 41 he’s still capable of doing what Brady does. I would describe the QB match-up as old Lion vs new Lion. Give the old Lion time on the clock with a chance and you can bet he’s gonna come through in the end.

3. Speaking of new Lion: Sony Michel, he’s been outstanding of late. What a difference a few weeks makes around here. How can you not be impressed by what he’s accomplished in his rookie season so far? I’m not gonna go into the whole “he sucks,” that we all heard on Boston Sports talk. What’s the point in that when he’s doing his talking on the field? I think we’re all seeing a legitimate threat in the backfield to go along with Mr. Consistent James White. If the two complement each other well going forward this offense can become lethal.

4. Something to keep a eye on this week will be the health of Marcus Cannon as the Patriots take on the Bears this week, who themselves have a pretty nasty defense – one much better than what the Patriots saw against the Chiefs. The right tackle will be closely monitored as Khalil Mack can wreak absolute havoc on you.

I think after the game we all need to exhale, and enjoy what we’ve got. With us being Patriots fans it goes with the territory of expecting a win, but make no mistake about it – despite the Chiefs’ playoff failures, they’ll be back. We always hear there’s a difference between regular season KC and playoffs KC. I think we just saw a preview of the AFC conference finals. What a wild season it’s been already, and we’re not even at the halfway point. I love this game and the Pats.

As always you can follow me on Twitter @Chris_Blackey. Like I always say – Go, Pats!✌