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NFL Week 7 picks: Patriots head to the Windy City (and congrats to the Red Sox)

As the Red Sox head to the World Series, the Patriots are heading to Chicago ... and I’m making picks for Week 7.

Indianapolis Colts v New England Patriots Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Is anyone else in shock that the Red Sox just ripped off four straight wins against the Houston Astros to win the American League pennant? I couldn’t have predicted that even if I had a crystal ball sitting right in front of me. The Astros have one of the most complete rosters in baseball, both pitching-wise and hitting-wise, and I wasn’t sure the Sox even had a chance in this series despite those 108 regular season wins.

But they pulled it off, thanks to David Price conquering his postseason demons in Game 5, and now they are going to play in what will definitely be a very entertaining World Series. I am pretty stoked about this.

But before Boston sports fans can start thinking about the World Series, they first have to get ready for the Patriots and the Bears on Sunday, live from Soldier Field in Chicago. It should be another great game; maybe not as crazy as last week’s Sunday night showdown against Kansas City, but the Bears have an outstanding defense and a young offensive unit with a very bright future. It will be another tough test for Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the 4-2 Patriots, whose two losses have both happened on the road.

With that being said, lets him some Week 7 picks.

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CHARGERS (-6.5) over Titans – London

I absolutely despise the NFL international games, but I do love that we always give London games that aren’t even worth watching. Last week it was Jon Gruden’s Raiders getting ramrodded 27-3 by the Seahawks. This week, it’s the less-than-thrilling Titans against the LA Chargers, a team that doesn’t even have any fans. Have fun, London.

COLTS (-7.5) over Bills

Nothing makes me more uncomfortable than getting behind the 1-5 Colts as 7.5-point favorites. But the Bills don’t even have a quarterback right now after Josh Allen’s elbow injury. If Allen was playing, Buffalo could maybe cover this spread. But Derek Anderson is starting this game and I just can’t get behind this Bills offense actually moving the ball and putting up points.

On the plus side for Bills fans, Anderson can’t be near as dreadful to watch as Nathan Peterman, who might be the worst quarterback in the history of football. At least they dodged that bullet.

EAGLES (-4.5) over Panthers

Philly has momentum right now after a 21-point win over the Giants last week. The Panthers are coming off a tough loss to the Redskins, so any momentum they may have had is now through the floor. On top of that, the Eagles have played pretty good defense when they are at home. This seems like a good time to take the Super Bowl champs minus-4.5.

Browns (+3.5) over BUCCANEERS

Give Baker Mayfield some protection and he can win you ballgames. Luckily for the Browns, they are facing a Bucs team that has the fourth fewest sacks in the league. This might be one of those games where Mayfield can figure out a way to deliver the goods, as he’s done twice this season.

DOLPHINS (+3) over Lions

The Dolphins are 3-0 at home, and the Lions aren’t exactly a contender. It’s surprising that the Lions are three-point favorites on the road against a Miami that shocked the Bears last week, but I guess it is kind of hard to get behind Brock Osweiler no matter what he did the previous week. His history speaks too loudly.

But nonetheless, if Osweiler can beat that nasty Chicago defense, who is to say he can’t do it against the Lions?

JAGUARS (-4.5) over Texans

The Jags have been blown out in back-to-back games on the road. They might need this home game more than anybody else, but it will be a tough one against a Texans team that is finally starting to click with three straight wins. My pick to win the AFC is not looking too hot.

Vikings (-3.5) over JETS

The neat thing about this Vikings team is that it has receivers like Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs that can make an average quarterback like Kirk Cousins look like a Pro Bowler. After a disappointing start to the 2018 season — a Super Bowl or bust season for Minnesota — it’s about time this team starts hitting its stride.

Patriots (-2.5) over BEARS

The Patriots faced their biggest test of the season last week against the Chiefs, and now they have their second biggest test this week against the Bears. Chicago is undefeated at home, and the Patriots are winless on the road. But those two defeats both came during their annual September slump.

Since New England might not have the No. 1 overall seed in the AFC playoffs, they need to fix their road woes sooner rather than later.

Cowboys (+1) over REDSKINS

These two teams are unpredictable. This game is a complete tossup.

RAVENS (-2.5) over Saints

Drew Brees is one of the game’s all-time elite quarterbacks, but this Baltimore defense is playing lights out right now. They haven’t allowed a second half touchdown all season, and last week they sacked Marcus Mariota a whopping 11 times. I feel good about the Ravens at home, even though New Orleans will always be an extremely tough out as long as Brees is under center.

Rams (-9.5) over 49ERS

I’ve been living and dying with my “always pick the Rams” rule every single week this season. Last week it bit me in the rear end when Los Angeles failed to cover a seven-point spread, only defeating the Broncos by a mere three points.

The very same week, the Niners nearly upset the Packers at Lambeau Field with C.J. Beathard playing quarterback. How unreal is that?

But nonetheless, I’m sticking with my “always pick the Rams” rule. It has worked out most weeks.

CHIEFS (-6) over Bengals

Last week on Sunday Night Football, this high-powered Chiefs offense went into Gillette Stadium and put up 40 points. They are definitely beating the Bengals at home, and they are definitely covering these six points. You can bank on it.

FALCONS (-4) over Giants

Saquon Barkley is on his way to becoming the top running back in the league, and he’s come up big for my fantasy in pretty much each of his first six games this season. But he can’t carry this dreadful Giants team on his own.

New York fans, enjoy the time you have left with Eli Manning because he is on his way out the door.