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Week 7 Patriots vs Bears: Watch Chicago’s Hail Mary attempt end up one yard short

New England barely holds onto the win.


Football is a game of inches and the Chicago Bears experienced this much during their loss to the New England Patriots today. With the home team trailing 38-31 in the closing seconds of the game, the team attempted one final Hail Mary passes – and it almost helped Chicago tie the game. Almost, however, is not enough when time is about to expire:

The Hail Mary attempt is a fitting ending for a back-and-forth contest that saw multiple big plays made by both teams. The Bears almost made another one but it was the Patriots, who ultimately were able to keep the upper hand: after wide receiver-turned-safety Josh Gordon was unable to punch the football away, Duron Harmon, Jonathan Jones and Jason McCourty combined to keep Chicago wide receiver Kevin White out of the end zone.

It was not the close ending the Patriots would have hoped for, but it was enough for the team to improve to 5-2 on the season.