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Robert Kraft’s new Air Force Ones are out today

The 2018 RKK Air Force One is here. Anybody got $160 I can borrow?

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Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

You may be cool. But are you “my new Air Force Ones are coming out this week” cool? Probably not, and if you are, I’ll assume you’re picking up the tab.

Throw in your latest version of a Nike classic sneaker with your name on it coming out a few days after your record-fastest 300 wins as an owner, and boy is it a good week to be Robert Kraft.

The team’s been teasing the shoes for a few days now on the socials, and they’re out this morning at the Patriots Pro Shop.

In case this sounds like gratuitous product-placement slobbering, all of the proceeds are going to Boys and Girls’ Club of Boston, so, relax and enjoy something cool.

And since they’re playing it close to the vest with what the actual shoes themselves are going to look like, here’s what we could dig up.

From Sole Collector:

Compared to some of the cringe-worthy draft day hats they’ve come up with lately, give me this every day and twice on Sundays. Here’s the Nike Store link if you want a few more pics.

Also, if we can do red Pats-colored shoes about some throwback red jerseys for a game or two? Eh? Eh?? Come on, you know you want to!