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Patriots quarterback Tom Brady still isn’t playing great

The GOAT has some room for improvement still, thinks Pat Lane.


The Patriots have now scored 76 points in the past seven days. Their offense seems to be clicking and everything is working right now. Or is it? There’s one guy who just hasn’t looked totally right yet. He is the most important player on the team, and possibly the best player in the league. His name is Tom Brady.

Some people will say it’s his age, and some will say it’s because some weapons have been out. I think it’s probably a combination of many things, those being two of them. I also think he’s trying to build a rapport with new guys like Josh Gordon, Jacob Hollister, and Sony Michel. The Patriots have also been pretty predictable so far, which allows defenses to be confident in the defense they’re choosing.

Whatever the reasons, Brady has been off the first five games of the season. His interception number is higher than normal, but both of his on Thursday night were both good passes that were dropped and wound up being picked off. Even still, six interceptions through five games is startling. Forget the pace, but the last time he threw more than nine interceptions in a season was 2013, and he’s only done it three times since 2006. Even without the interception numbers, just go off the eye test. He’s missed throws to open receivers, and just flat out hasn’t seen other players open on the field.

Do I think this means he’s about to fall off the proverbial cliff? Not at all. I bring it up for two reasons:

1.) It bears watching. If for some reason Brady never shakes off the rust and looks like the Brady of last year and countless other years, then the Patriots are obviously in trouble.

2.) Imagine how good this offense will be when Tom is firing on all cylinders!! With Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski, Josh Gordon, and James White, it’s impossible to play man coverage against the Patriots. And we should all know by now, if you play zone against Brady, he will shred you.

Assuming that Brady gets back to his previous level, the Patriots are still the team to beat in the AFC. With the way the defense has played the last two weeks, combined with the offense they will have, I don’t know how beats them. Brady gets another chance to really take off next Sunday against the Chiefs, who’s offense has been amazing, but who’s defense has really struggled. That should be a good thing for the Patriots and especially Brady. The game could have potential home field advantage implications, so it would be a great time for Tom to finally play a great game this year. If he does, the rest of the league better look out.

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