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Week 5 Sunday Games: Patriots rooting guide and open thread

The Patriots are done for the week, but there’s lots of football to play.

Indianapolis Colts v New England Patriots Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Is there any better Sunday of football than one where the New England Patriots have already won their game? There are plenty of exciting games to watch this week- and games that should matter greatly to the (3-2) Patriots.

Here are Sunday’s games and the Patriots rooting guide.

1:00 PM ET

Dolphins @ Bengals: The Patriots also want the Dolphins to lose, obviously, to tie Miami atop the AFC East- and tie goes to New England.

Titans @ Bills: The Patriots want the Bills to lose, obviously, to get a 2-game lead over Buffalo.

Broncos @ Jets: The Patriots want the Jets to lose, obviously, to get a 2-game lead over Buffalo.

Jaguars @ Chiefs: The Patriots would love for the Jaguars to expose the Chiefs in Kansas City. How the heck did this get scheduled for 1 PM?

Ravens @ Browns: The Patriots want the Browns to upset the Ravens.

Falcons @ Steelers: It would be wonderful for the Falcons to beat the Steelers and send Pittsburgh to (1-3-1).

Packers @ Lions: The Patriots play both teams this season and they would probably want Green Bay to win to increase the potential “strength of victory” if New England can beat Green Bay later in the year.

Giants @ Panthers: This game doesn’t matter to the Patriots.

4:05 PM ET

Raiders @ Chargers: A Raiders upset on the road would be fun, but this game has a low impact on New England.

4:25 PM ET

Vikings @ Eagles: The Patriots want the Vikings to win for strength of schedule and potential strength of victory reasons.

Rams @ Seahawks: This game doesn’t matter to the Patriots, but it should be fun.

Cardinals @ 49ers: This game also doesn’t matter.

8:20 PM ET

Cowboys @ Texans: The Patriots want the Texans to win for strength of schedule and strength of victory reasons.

Use this as the open thread for the discussion.