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Patriots head coach Bill Belichick highlights takeaways, Josh Gordon touchdown in film breakdown of Colts game

Belichick joins Scott Zolak to break down film from the game.

After every New England Patriots win, head coach Bill Belichick joins radio color commentator and ex-Patriots quarterback Scott Zolak for a film breakdown of the action. This week, the duo took a look at five pivotal plays from the team’s 38-24 victory over the visiting Indianapolis Colts.

2-6-IND 6 (1:37) (Shotgun) T.Brady pass short middle to J.White for 6 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

“It really starts with the quarterback,” Belichick says about running back James White’s second quarter touchdown that put the Patriots up 21-3. Against the Colts’ cover 2 defense, the head coach highlights Tom Brady’s ability to manipulate the defense with his eyes to create space for his running back. “Tom does a great job here of looking over to the three receivers – the strong side of the formation – and draws the linebacker over, and that creates space.” Brady moving the linebacker left White wide open on the other side of the formation.

1-10-IND 44 (5:10) A.Luck pass short left to J.Wilkins to IND 48 for 4 yards (D.McCourty). FUMBLES (D.McCourty), RECOVERED by NE-D.McCourty at 50. D.McCourty to 50 for no gain (Q.Nelson).

“Nothing better than turning the ball over,” Belichick said about the second play he and Zolak took a look at: safety Devin McCourty’s forced fumble and recovery in the third quarter. New England’s head coach starts by praised his defense for defending the deep pattern down the field before praising McCourty for his open-field tackling. “This would have been a good tackle even without the fumble,” Belichick said. “As he makes the tackle, you can see he has great presence and awareness to get the ball out.”

1-10-NE 49 (7:25) (No Huddle, Shotgun) A.Luck pass short right intended for Z.Pascal INTERCEPTED by J.Jones (J.McCourty) at NE 38. J.Jones pushed ob at IND 34 for 28 yards (B.Smith).

Belichick starts by praising the pass rush by second-year men Deatrich Wise Jr. and Adam Butler, which forces quarterback Andrew Luck out of the pocket. After the Colts’ passer delivered the football, cornerbacks Jason McCourty and Jonathan Jones combined for the interception: “Jason makes a nice play on the ball here, where he wraps his arm around and pops it up,” Belichick noted before also praising defensive tackle Danny Shelton for not risking a block in the back penalty during Jones’ return of the pick.

1-10-IND 34 (7:15) (Shotgun) S.Michel left guard for 34 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

On the very first play after the interception, Sony Michel scored a 34-yard touchdown run – and again Belichick starts by taking a look at the the men up front. “It starts with the double-team block between Joe [Thuney] and Trent Brown,” Belichick said before also praising the efforts by Shaq Mason and Rob Gronkowski creating a lane for the first-round rookie. “Good kickout block here by Shaq, Rob does a nice job.”

1-10-IND 34 (9:28) T.Brady pass deep right to J.Gordon for 34 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

Belichick and Zolak then go back to an earlier fourth quarter play: Tom Brady’s 34-yard touchdown pass to Josh Gordon. “This was kind of like the coup de grace here,” Belichick said of the play. “Gordon does a nice job adjusting here and Tom makes a good throw to the corner of the end zone,” Belichick said about the score which gave the quarterback 500 career touchdown passes and an NFL record with 71 different receivers hit for scores.

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