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Bill Belichick highlights Patriots’ biggest defensive plays in film breakdown of the win over the Bills

Bill Belichick and Scott Zolak break down film from the 25-6 win.

After every New England Patriots win, head coach Bill Belichick joins radio color commentator and ex-Patriots quarterback Scott Zolak for a film breakdown of the action. This week, the duo took a look at four pivotal plays from the team’s 25-6 victory over the Buffalo Bills — New England’s fifth victory in a row, and second straight on the road.

1-10-BUF 33 (3:04) D.Anderson sacked at BUF 27 for -6 yards (K. Van Noy). FUMBLES (K. Van Noy) [K. Van Noy], RECOVERED by NE-P.Chung at BUF 29.

Belichick and Zolak start the breakdown by looking at the game’s first turnover, a strip sack by linebacker Kyle Van Noy. “Just a good individual rush by Kyle,” Belichick saud about the play. “Good job getting off on the ball, and running a really tight corner.” The head coach also points out Patrick Chung, who recovers the fumble even though the Bills initially appeared to be in very good position to do that themselves. “Patrick, always alert, makes a good fumble recovery here.”

3-15-NE 30 (6:09) (Shotgun) D.Anderson pass short right intended for C.Clay INTERCEPTED by D.McCourty at NE 16. D.McCourty for 84 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

“Probably the play of the game,” Belichick said about Devin McCourty’s 84-yard pick-six in the fourth quarter. The head coach starts by looking at Patrick Chung, who was in one-on-one coverage on tight end Charles Clay and giving him the inside leverage. “He allows himself to get beat inside knowing that he has help,” Belichick points out before turning his attention to McCourty. “Devin, first of all, reading the quarterback and as the ball’s delivered Devin gets a good jump on the ball.”

1-10-NE 35 (2:12) (No Huddle, Shotgun) D.Anderson sacked at NE 47 for -12 yards (A.Clayborn).

Belichick and Zolak continued breaking down the defensive side of the ball when looking at the next play, a 12-yard sack by Adrian Clayborn. “I thought we did a good job of finishing the game, playing good of defense, making a stop on downs there and being able to run out the clock,” Belichick said. New England’s head coach points out how Clayborn is able to get inside on the left tackle and how fellow defender John Simon was also getting into the backfield on a stunt on the opposite side of the formation.

2-22-NE 47 (2:00) (Shotgun) D.Anderson sacked at BUF 43 for -10 yards (K.Van Noy). BUF-D.Anderson was injured during the play.

Finally, Belichick and Zolak analyze Kyle Van Noy’s fourth-quarter sack that knocked quarterback Derek Anderson out of the game. “He does a nice job here of timing the blitz up,” Belichick said about the linebacker who again had a very good game. Belichick also praised the coverage down the field. “Nice way to end the game here with a big strong defensive effort.”