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Week 10 Monday Night Football Giants at 49ers: Patriots rooting guide and open thread

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New England Patriots v New York Giants Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

The (1-7) New York Giants are on the road to face the (2-7) San Francisco 49ers. Kick off is at 8:15 PM ET on ESPN. This is a showdown between two of the three worst teams in the NFL (along with the Oakland Raiders). I hope you have something else to do other than watch this game, like clean your gutters or count how many leaves are still on the trees outside.

The New England Patriots don’t care which team wins this one. This game is utterly meaningless in the scope of the 2018 NFL season. Former Patriots include Giants WR Corey Coleman, Giants LT Nate Solder, 49ers DE Cassius Marsh, 49ers LB Dekoda Watson, and, technically, 49ers K Robbie Gould.

Whew, buddy.

Use this as the open thread for discussion.