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FanPulse: Former Patriots-turned-Head Coaches make Patriots fans feel terrible

Here are your week 11 results!

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It’s a bye week right now for the New England Patriots, but we still polled all of our fans to get your insight on the team.

It doesn’t look good.

Only 51% of Patriots fans say they’re confident in the direction of the team, the second-lowest point of the year. The Patriots were annihilated by former New England linebacker turned Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel who outsmarted the Patriots at every turn.

The lowest point of the year was when former Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia led the Detroit Lions to an easy victory in week 3, sending Patriots fans’ confidence through the floor, bottoming out at 31%. Yikes.

The Patriots will have their bye week and they have a pretty favorable final stretch of the season. New England is almost a lock to win the AFC East and they still have a good chance at getting a first round bye- and potentially even homefield advantage.

How are you feeling about the Patriots?