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Week 11 NFL all games: Patriots rooting guide and open thread

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New England Patriots v Tennessee Titans Photo by Silas Walker/Getty Images

The New England Patriots are on a bye week and so is the rest of the AFC East, but there are still plenty of important football games taking place! Here’s the Patriots rooting guide for Sunday’s games.

1:00 PM ET

Steelers at Jaguars: Go Jaguars. The Patriots want Jacksonville to hand Pittsburgh another loss to put the Patriots ahead in the seedings.

Titans at Colts: Go Colts. The Patriots want the Colts to win for the sake of strength of victory.

Bengals at Ravens: Go Bengals. I’d rather Cincinnati to reach the postseason.

Texans at Washington: Go Washington. The Patriots want Washington to win to keep the Patriots ahead in the seeding.

Panthers at Lions: Go Lions. The Patriots want Detroit to win for the sake of strength of schedule.

Cowboys at Falcons: Doesn’t matter to the Patriots!

Buccaneers at Giants: Doesn’t matter to the Patriots, either! But might as well root for the Giants so both teams are 3-7 and cloud the top of the draft order.

4:05 PM ET

Broncos at Chargers: Go Chargers! Hopefully they can overtake the Chiefs in the AFC West.

Raiders at Cardinals: Doesn’t matter, but might as well root for the Raiders so both teams stay ahead of the Bills and Jets in the draft order.

4:25 PM ET

Eagles at Saints: The Patriots don’t care, but might as well root for Philadelphia to poke some holes in the Saints strategy.

8:20 PM ET

Vikings at Bears: This is a pretty great game! The Patriots don’t really care since they play both teams, but they would probably root for Chicago because New England already beat them.

Use this as the open thread for discussion.