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Before they call it a career, the NFL needs a Tom Brady-Aaron Rodgers Super Bowl

Fans of the NFL desperately need arguably two of the greatest quarterbacks of all time to square off in football’s biggest game.

New England Patriots v Green Bay Packers Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

We’ve seen and heard all the comparisons by now: Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning, Tom Brady vs. Terry Bradshaw, and of course, Tom Brady vs. Joe Montana. Brady has already passed all of them in the majority of individual and team statistics and has therefore all but ended discussions about who is better than TB12: nobody is. One argument fans cannot seem to figure out, however, is Tom Brady vs. Aaron Rodgers.

With the hype surrounding this Sunday Night’s showdown and Rodgers’ first career trip to Gillette Stadium, we are constantly seeing the comparisons again as each quarterback is being asked who the greatest really is. It may be because the two have only squared off once as starters which came in 2014 when the Packers beat the Patriots 29-26 at Lambeau Field. Or because people’s identification of what constitutes “GOAT” can be seen in different ways.

Tom Brady is arguably the most dominant and winningest quarterback of all time. Aaron Rodgers could very well be the most physically gifted passer this league has ever seen, with the way he can scramble and make incredible throws. As Patriot and Packer fans continue to argue who is better and why, they are ignoring that if the two were to square off on Super Bowl Sunday it would be the most hyped up title game the league has seen in a long, long time — maybe ever.

Tom Brady has faced Kurt Warner, Jake Delhomme, Donovan McNabb, Eli Manning twice, Russell Wilson, Matt Ryan and Nick Foles in Super Bowls. No disrespect to any of them, but can you imagine the hype — and the game — we’d see if Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers were on opposite ends of it? We never got to see a Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning Super Bowl, or Brady against Montana or Bradshaw, or really any legend he has been compared to.

Before I finish up, I don’t want you to be confused: Tom Brady is obviously the greatest of all time (totally un-biased opinion). A football fans, however, let us just appreciate the greatness of these two generational like talents at the most important position on the football field no matter personal preference.