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Week 12 NFL Late Games: Patriots rooting guide and open thread

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Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

There’s still plenty of football left to watch today and here’s the New England Patriots rooting guide and open thread for discussion!

4:05 PM ET

Cardinals vs Chargers: The Patriots want the Chargers to win to help boost the Cardinals’ draft stock and to allow the Chargers to keep pace with the Chiefs atop the AFC West.

4:25 PM ET

Steelers vs Broncos: The Patriots want the Broncos to win to drive down the Steelers record.

Dolphins vs Colts: The Patriots want the Colts to win to drive down the Dolphins record and inch the Patriots towards clinching the AFC East.

8:20 PM ET

Packers vs Vikings: The Patriots would rather the Packers win for the sake of strength of victory because they’ve already defeated the Packers and the Vikings game is undetermined.

Use this as the open thread for discussion.