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Watch Bill Belichick praise the Patriots for playing “the way we want it” against the Packers

Take a look inside New England’s locker room.

The New England Patriots fifth primetime game of the season was arguably their best one to date: the team looked efficient on offense, defense and special teams while beating a high-quality opponent — the Green Bay Packers — with a final score of 31-17. Naturally, the mood in the postgame locker room was a positive one as the Patriots’ weekly behind-the-scenes clip shows:

Following the usual amount of handshakes and high-fives — including team owner Robert Kraft congratulating offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels to his game plan — head coach Bill Belichick took the floor to speak to his team. “All week, short week, we grinded it out,” Belichick told his men. “We came in, did what we needed to do. It wasn’t perfect but we played the game... we tried to play the game the way we wanted it. And that’s a good thing.”

“That’s the only way you got a chance against those guys. That’s a good football team you guys beat,” Belichick concluded before giving the word to special teams captain Matthew Slater to do the traditional breakdown of the postgame huddle. “How do we feel about taking down the Pack Attack?” the 33-year old asked. Awww yeah.

The Patriots also released a sights-and-sounds clip from the game, including Belichick and defensive line coach Brendan Daly coaching up the defense when it comes to pass rushing quarterback Aaron Rodgers: