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Patriots head coach Bill Belichick mic’d up against the Packers is everything you would expect

New England’s head coach wore a microphone on Sunday night.

Green Bay Packers v New England Patriots Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The New England Patriots played arguably their most complete game of the season against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday night — and one big reason for that was the execution on both sides of the football. While the offense was efficient despite missing three starters due to injury, the defense played perfectly complementary football: the pass rush made life hard for quarterback Aaron Rodgers, while the secondary covered well.

The pass rush in particular is something Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was happy about, as a new NFL Films clip shows. Belichick wore a microphone on Sunday and on multiple occasions was captured talking to his front seven about their play:

The clip, which focuses almost entirely on the stoic coach instead of the field of play, also shows some other highlights: from Belichick arguing with officials about timeouts and formations to him congratulating offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and de-facto defensive coordinator Brian Flores about the game they called and planned for. Safe to say, that it is everything you would expect from him being mic’d up.

NFL Films also produced a clip for Showtimes’ Inside the NFL, one that was shared by r/patriots and can be watched here.