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Week 15 Patriots vs Steelers highlights: Huge New England special teams play sets up Duron Harmon interception

A big play by New England’s special teams.


The New England Patriots are playing an inconsistent game against the Pittsburgh Steelers and are currently down 14-7 on the road. The Patriots have also produced some highlight-reel plays so far, however, with one of the biggest coming on special teams. After a penalty on offensive tackle Trent Brown negated a 25-yard run and moved New England back, the team was forced to kick the football away, and covered it perfectly:

The Patriots’ special teamers were down the field quickly, with Jonathan Jones being able to bat the football backwards first. However, the ball did not come out of the end zone — it needed another Rex Burkhead bat to do that. A great athletic play by both Jones and Burkhead to set up the Steelers with 1st and 10 at their own 1-yard line.

Pittsburgh moved the football out quickly, though, and advanced the football to the New England 46 — before safety Duron Harmon came up with the game’s first turnover:

Harmon, of course, also had the game-clinching interception late during last year’s meeting between the two teams. This time, however, the Patriots did not take advantage of the turnover: New England’s offense went three-and-out and had to punt the football away again.