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Week 16 NFL Sunday Afternoon Football: Patriots rooting guide and open thread

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Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

The New England Patriots are done for the day, but there is still plenty of important football to take place today. Here’s your afternoon rooting guide.

4:05 PM ET

(11-3) Los Angeles Rams at (3-11) Arizona Cardinals: The Patriots want the Rams to win in order to keep Arizona at the top of the draft order.

(10-4) Chicago Bears at (4-10) San Francisco 49ers: The Patriots want the 49ers to win because New England owns the Bears’ 2019 second round draft pick.

4:25 PM ET

(8-5-1) Pittsburgh Steelers at (12-2) New Orleans Saints: The Patriots want the Saints to win to keep the Steelers down in the AFC.

8:20 PM ET

(11-3) Kansas City Chiefs at (8-6) Seattle Seahawks: The Patriots want the Seahawks to win for the sake of AFC playoff seeding.

Use this as the open thread for discussion.