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Watch episode four of the “Tom vs Time” documentary on Patriots quarterback Tom Brady

The show's latest episode just went online. Check it out!

S1:E4 The Emotional Game

Two things matter more than anything to Tom Brady: football and family. This episode explores the push-pull between Tom’s supreme dedication to his sport, and his deep devotion for his children. Tom takes his eldest son on a whirlwind tour of China during the off-season, even while he struggles to find a healthy balance during the all-consuming football season.

Posted by Tom vs Time on Thursday, February 1, 2018

Earlier this month, it has been reported that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will be the subject of a documentary that will give an intimate behind-the-scenes look at the NFL’s biggest star – one that is coincidentally the face of the league’s most seclusive franchise: The series Tom vs. Time chronicles Brady’s fight against football mortality in six episodes.

The first three of those episodes – “The Physical Game”, “The Mental Game”, “The Social Game” – premiered over the course of the last week. The latest “The Emotional Game” was just released and takes a look at Brady from a public and private point of view. Check out the full episode above.

The series' final two episodes will be published in the future – but while the fifth one will go public on Super Bowl Sunday, the finale has no announced release date yet:

Chapter 5: Sunday, 2/4

You can watch the first episodes of Tom vs Time here:

Chapter 1: The Physical Game

Chapter 2: The Mental Game

Chapter 3: The Social Game