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Sorry Broncos fans: Terrell Davis thinks Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback in NFL history

The Hall of Fame running back gives the edge to the Patriots quarterback over his own former teammate.

Terrell Davis

Former Denver Broncos running back Terrell Davis joined the NFL Network’s Good Morning Football program to discuss Tom Brady’s legacy and whether or not the New England Patriots quarterback is the greatest quarterback ever to step on the football field.

Davis played alongside John Elway and likely stands in Peyton Manning’s corner due to their shared franchise experience, but even Davis can’t deny reality as he made a surprising, but completely true statement to the question.

“I think that debate has kind of been answered,” Davis replies. “If you look at the success that Tom has had in his career, I think it would be hard to argue that he’s not the greatest quarterback to play this game.

“I played with a pretty darn good quarterback myself in [John] Elway, but I think what Tom Brady is doing, to have gone to, this is his eighth Super Bowl, he’s already won five, if he wins this will be his sixth. I think there’s a lot to be said for that. And he’s doing it with totally different rosters year in and year out. I think that’s impressive.

“And here’s the deal, I don’t know if this game if they win it or if they don’t win it, I don’t think this changes anything. I think he’s already cemented himself as that best quarterback sort of label. I don’t think this changes anything.

“If you didn’t think Tom Brady was the greatest quarterback before this game, I don’t know if it changes it if he wins this game. Like, you needed to see more from Tom Brady?”

Davis deserves a round of applause for giving the perfect (and only correct) answer to the question.

Sorry Broncos fans, but Davis thinks Brady is the GOAT, which I believe means that Denver now has to accept that Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time and is better than Elway and Manning combined. Those are the rules.