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Dolphins tag Jarvis Landry and he will now have a higher cap hit than the Patriots’ top three wide receivers combined

Miami used the franchise tag yesterday.

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The NFL's window to place the franchise tag on impending free agents opened yesterday and it did not take long for the first team to use it: The Miami Dolphins opted to place the non-exclusive franchise tag on wide receiver Jarvis Landry. Due to its nature as non-exclusive, other teams can still talk to Landry's camp but if in fact a team is willing to sign him, that team would owe the Dolphins two first round draft picks.

With the franchise tag being placed on Landry, the 25-year old is now scheduled to hit Miami's salary cap with $16 million. The number, in case the two sides are unable to negotiate a long-term deal to bring it down, will be the third-highest in the NFL: Only the cap hits of the Pittsburgh Steelers' Antonio Brown ($17.68 million) and the Dallas Cowboys' Dez Bryant ($16.5 million) are higher than what Landry's will be.

The three-time Pro Bowler, as first pointed out by's Mike Loyko, will also hit his team's salary cap with more money than the New England Patriots' top three wide receivers combined: Brandin Cooks ($8.46 million), Julian Edelman ($4.17 million) and Chris Hogan ($3.18 million) will be on New England's books with a combined $15.91 million this upcoming season.

When looked at it from this perspective, it appears doubtful the Dolphins' investment is the better one especially if it does not lead to a long-term deal that spreads out the cost more effectively. It also shows how the Patriots are able to build a top-notch offensive roster despite comparatively modest financial investments.