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Von Miller embarks on a media tour to talk about Tom Brady and the Patriots

The Broncos pass rusher joined Hot Ones and penned a story about beating the Patriots.

New England Patriots v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Denver Broncos pass rusher Von Miller is one of the most devastating defenders the New England Patriots have faced over the past twenty seasons. Miller was almost single-handedly responsible for the demolition of the Patriots offensive line in the 2015 AFC Championship Game and he feels comfortable sharing the blueprint to defeating the Patriots.

Miller doesn’t say anything we don’t know about beating New England- get pressure with four players, play 60 minutes, don’t beat yourself, don’t “do dumb stuff”- but the most complimentary piece comes with how Miller describes the Patriots roster.

Every team has three different kinds of guys. There are guys who, when they play against somebody like Tom or in a big game like the Super Bowl, they get starstruck and they fold under the pressure. Then you have guys who treat a big game the same as if it was just flag football on the beach. They don’t get fazed. Their game doesn’t change.

Then you have the dogs — the hardcore bad motherf*****s who, when everything’s on the line, they take their game to a whole ’nother level.

Every team has 53 men, and each of them falls into one of those three categories.

And most of the time, the Patriots seem to have the most dogs.

That’s pretty great praise for the Patriots from Miller and while the Philadelphia Eagles are calling themselves underdogs on Sunday, the Patriots are confident in their top dog status.

Miller also joined Hot Ones, which is one of the best interview shows ever, and had a few choice quotes about Brady and the Patriots.

1. Miller believes that rookies should hire a personal chef because focusing on diet is a key to longevity.

“We got to find out what Tom Brady is eating,” Miller said. “I need to get some of that stuff.”

Brady should send Miller his cookbook.

2. Miller is asked about the fashion decisions of four athletes- Russell Westbrook, LeBron James, Cam Newton, and Tom Brady- and has to rank them.

“This guy,” Miller said. “I mean, what can you say? Those glasses, I wouldn’t wear them. What negative can you say about Tom Brady? If he wants to wear glasses, he can wear glasses. If he wants to wear overalls and rainboots, he can do that. Whatever he wants to do, he can do.”

Brady needs to send Miller a picture of himself in overalls and rainboots when he sends over his cook book.

3. Miller makes his prediction for Super Bowl LII.

“Nah, Patriots ain’t gonna win. Nick Foles gonna win. I’m lying. Of course the Patriots are gonna win. It’s the Patriots. Did you not see the game versus the Jags? He knows voodoo! I don’t know what they got going on over there. They didn’t have Gronkowski, they haven’t had Edelman all year.”

There you have it.