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PFT: Josh McDaniels might stay with the Patriots in a massive surprise

Could this really happen?

Super Bowl LII - New England Patriots - Practice Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The New England Patriots were expecting offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels to leave and become the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts after the final whistle in Super Bowl LII.

Not so fast, reports Pro Football Talk.

According to PFT, “there is increasing chatter that Josh McDaniels will be staying with the [Patriots].”

There must be something brewing with the Colts for McDaniels to back out of the job he was expected to take for the 2018 season. Will Bill Belichick retire? Will McDaniels just stay with the Patriots for the rest of Tom Brady’s career? Is this report even true?

We’ll find out soon.

UPDATE: PFT’s Mike Florio has more to report.

“McDaniels has not yet told the Patriots he’s leaving,” Florio writes. “If he ultimately stays, McDaniels could make it very difficult for himself to get another head-coaching job, especially via the unofficial wink-nod postseason interview process, in which deals aren’t really done but as a practical matter are supposedly done. Who would trust him the next time, if he stiff-arms the Colts this time?

“Some believe that McDaniels would be sticking around if coach Bill Belichick does the unexpected and retires after the game.”