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Thank You, Patriots! Congrats, Eagles!

We have a new world champion tonight. And it’s well-deserved.

Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Thank you, Patriots!

Once again, this team was an absolute blast to follow this past season. It’s easy to take seasons like these for granted and consider a Super Bowl loss some kind of disaster, but just getting to this game is such an incredible privilege, it’s vitally important to be grateful for each and every opportunity that comes your way. As always, I’m so proud to be a fan of this team, and so grateful for another awesome year of football. Yeah, it didn’t go the way that we wanted…but that’s life. It went our way last year – and four more times before that. Time to give somebody else the spotlight.

So again, to the Patriots – thank you. Thank you so, so much.

But more importantly…congratulations, Philadelphia! Bringing a Super Bowl championship home to your city is one of the greatest honors a football player could ever achieve, and the 2017 Eagles were able to give the city of Philly their first. Everything about that Eagles team makes it hard not to be happy for them. They wanted this game so, so badly, and it showed. They absolutely emptied out the playbook, took a ton of risks, and it paid off. The team that deserved to win the game 100% won it. As a football fan, it’s really cool to see. Doug Pederson called a PERFECT game. He’s got some massive brass ones on him. Tough to get too mad at that.

And since we have five rings already and Giants fans love to hold it over Philly’s head that they haven’t won a championship, I’m actually pretty happy for the Eagles right now. Seriously. Of course it would have been amazing to get ring number six…but you can’t win them all. The problem with making it to the Super Bowl every year is that you’re bound to lose a few. Today just wasn’t our day. Philly played out of their minds. As always with Patriots games, this Super Bowl came down to a small handful of plays, and unlike the past two years, these one’s didn’t work out in New England’s favor. It happens.

So enjoy it, Eagles fans. Congrats again – sincerely, I’m happy for you guys. Bask away. Just try to leave at least some parts of Philadelphia standing tonight when you take to the streets to celebrate.