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Former Patriots offensive coordinator Charlie Weis is no fan of Josh McDaniels rebuffing the Colts

McDaniels' predecessor calls McDaniels leaving the Colts at the altar “unbelievable”.

2005 Super Bowl XXXIX  - New England Patriots over Philadelphia Eagles 24-21 Photo by Albert Dickson/Sporting News via Getty Images

On Tuesday, New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels was announced as the new head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. A few hours later, reports came out that the 41-year old would in fact not leave the Patriots and instead stay with the team. It was a highly surprising move at the last possible moment and one that did not necessarily help McDaniels' reputation outside of New England.

One person feeling that way is Charlie Weis. McDaniels' predecessor as offensive coordinator of the Patriots joined the Schein on Sports podcast by Mad Dog Sports Radio's Adam Schein on Wednesday to talk about the move. Safe to say that Weis, who won three Super Bowl titles in his five seasons as Patriots coordinator, is no fan of the move calling it “the absolute dumbest move in the history of sports” if McDaniels did not get insurance that he would be Bill Belichick's successor as head coach.

Weis took particular issue with the fact that the Colts, with a verbal agreement by McDaniels in place, had already hired assistant coaches:

I mean, it’s just unbelievable. I mean, look, everyone that’s in a position to make a call can selfishly decide whatever they want because it’s ultimately their life. But when you’re a head coach, there’s a lot of lives that you’re affecting. It isn’t just your life. OK. It’s every assistant you hire, every person you hire and their families. They’re all affected, too. And there was almost more of them. Because if the guys that were rumored to be leaving from New England with him, they were planning on packing it up and going, too. I mean, it’s just unbelievable.

Weis certainly has a point. McDaniels, in cooperation with the Colts, reportedly assembling the first pieces of his staff before pulling out is a bad look for him – far worse than not following through on the verbal agreement (even though his now former agent apparently disagrees). While the coaches already hired will stay in Indianapolis, the way this all has gone down certainly reflects badly on McDaniels.

Of course, a lot of this has to do with the fact that the Colts simply jumped the gun: Had they not announced the hire prematurely – i.e. before McDaniels signed a contract – the entire story would likely not have gained the traction it has. Sure, the result for the assistant coaches would be the same and the move would still not look any better, but the public perception of McDaniels and discourse created because he left the Colts at the altar would likely have been a different one.

In the end, McDaniels did what he thought was the best move for his career. At least when it comes to the Patriots, this is true. Whether or not the neutral franchises remaining – all but the Colts and Denver Broncos – agree is questionable, though.

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Posted by Pats Pulpit: For New England Patriots News on Wednesday, February 7, 2018