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WATCH: Patriots quarterback Tom Brady visits Late Show; destroys Stephen Colbert in beer chugging contest, eats first strawberry of his life

All-Pro quarterback, All-Pro beer chugger, semi-pro Strawberry eater.

After disappearing from the public eye following his team's Super Bowl loss, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is back in the spotlight: Last week, the future Hall of Famer appeared a surprise guest at a charity even, yesterday – when the final episode of the Tom vs Time documentary was released – he appeared on ABC's Good Morning America and also visited CBS's Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Early on, Colbert and Brady talked about pretty standard topics: How Brady is dealing with losing the Super Bowl (mostly crying), when he plans to retire (some day), and how he views last season's player protests (brought up healthy discussion). Once the conversation shifted to Brady's diet and the methods he describes in his book The TB12 Method, however, things got a bit out of hand.

It started with Brady explaining the concept of muscle pliability before – set to the tune of some sweet, sweet jazz – he started to massage the host's right forearm. The interview then went on to the quarterback's diet, namely things he usually does not eat; among them strawberries, which Brady claims he had never eaten in his life (he explains why that is the case). Naturally, the 40-year old was challenged to do just that and eat one.

He did and there is visual evidence:

(c) CBS

Judged by his reaction, Brady did not overly enjoy the experience. After strawberries came beer and again New England's passer was challenged, namely to chug one together with Colbert. Brady's competitive nature when it comes to the ancient art of chugging is well documented, so it was no surprise to see him rise to the occasion and defeat his opponent:

You can watch the entire two-part interview on the Late Show's YouTube channel: Part one is here and part two here.