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Patriots showing interest in linebacker, cornerback; also an update on LB Marquis Flowers

The Patriots are looking to re-tool their defense.

Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The New England Patriots are turning over every stone to try and improve their defense and they’ve expressed an interest in a former Philadelphia Eagles cornerback and a former Detroit Lions linebacker, according to ProJo’s Mark Daniels.

“The Providence Journal was told that the Patriots have shown interest in cornerback Patrick Robinson,” Daniels writes. “The 30-year-old had 18 pass deflections and four interceptions last season with the Philadelphia Eagles where he started eight of 16 games.”

“The Patriots are looking at veteran linebacker Paul Worrilow,” Daniels added. “On Tuesday, the Providence Journal was told that the Pats have shown early interest in the 27-year-old 5-year veteran. Worrilow also had interest from the Patriots last season, but ended up signing a 1-year contract with the Detroit Lions.”

The Patriots are looking for a potential replacement for Malcolm Butler (Butler is expected to sign with the Tennessee Titans) and Robinson would be a great option to play opposite of Stephon Gilmore. The Patriots missed having a Logan Ryan-type cornerback that could play both inside in the slot and outside on the sideline and Patrick Robinson would be a highly-capable option for that job.

At linebacker, the Patriots need any and all hands on deck and Worrilow provides special teams value and some defensive upside. The Patriots interest in Worrilow’s could be linked to the future of Marquis Flowers, who held a similar special teams and defensive role in the New England defense for 2017.

According to NBCSB’s Mike Giardi, Flowers could have played himself out of the Patriots price range.

Flowers isn’t likely to earn a major deal elsewhere and could ultimately come back to New England on a one-year “prove it” contract where he can re-establish his value as a defensive player and more than just a special teams player as he was used by the Cincinnati Bengals.