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Here’s a look at the Patriots two sets of twins all hanging out together

Patriots twinning on and off the field.

The Patriots have two sets of twins on the roster in Devin McCourty and Jason McCourty and Jacob Hollister and Cody Hollister. Cody needs to be active for the Patriots in order for the Hollisters to become the 16th set of twins to play in the NFL at the same time.

But it’s almost assured that the McCourtys will be the first set of twins to play for the same team since Earl and Myrl Goodwin suited up for the Pottsville Maroons back in 1928. Devin is the Patriots starting free safety and Jason is projected to start opposite of Stephon Gilmore at cornerback.

Both the McCourtys and Hollisters were at a Gillette event where the debuted their twinness (or something) together. Here are pictures from the event. Enjoy.