Pride of Detroit Community Mock Draft

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Hey friends!

That time of year again where Pride of Detroit hosts their community mock draft. I've been selected to represent the Patriots and I'm really excited!

I've done some preliminary research and it looks like the consensus needs for the Patriots are offensive tackle, linebacker and running back but I've stopped by here to get the opinions of the in the know fans.

I'll continue to follow the checklist you all gave me a few years ago when identifying talent: avoid immaturity, combine freaks, undersized players and inconsistent motor. Target guys with a mix of consistent college production, character, leadership, instinctiveness and physicality.

So what say you Pats Pulpit? I need your help to improve the Patriots! What are your top draft needs? Who are some of your favorite prospects in this years draft? Leave your answers in the comments and be sure to stop by Pride of Detroit to see how our mock draft is going!

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