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Details of Jordan Matthews’s new deal with the Patriots show how big of a bargain he is

Jacksonville Jaguars v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Last week, the Patriots announced the signing of veteran wide receiver Jordan Matthews to a one-year deal. On Monday morning, MMQB’s Albert Breer provided the initial details of the agreement.

On Tuesday, the Boston Globe’s Ben Volin provided additional details on the deal.

The breakdown:


Salary: $790,000 ($90,000 guaranteed)

Signing bonus: $80,000

Workout bonus: $130,000

Incentives: $700,000 (unspecified, and considered not likely to be earned)

2018 Cap Figure: $1,000,000

While the reported $170,000 guaranteed figure is technically correct, Matthews’s offseason workout bonus brings the total up to $300,000, which would be the amount of dead money that would be created by his release this summer.

Matthews’s $1 million cap figure brings the Patriots’ wide receiver cap hit total to $16,414,287 thus far in 2018, with Matthew Slater being omitted from the calculation. The transaction cost the team $370,000 in net cap space, after replacing a player in the top-51. The Patriots’ current cap space total sits at $13,926,158 according to the NFLPA’s public report.

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