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Evan Silva predicted the Patriots would draft Georgia RB Sony Michel with the 31st pick

He certainly connected the dots!

Rose Bowl Game - Oklahoma v Georgia Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Rotoworld’s Evan Silva was the most accurate mock drafter this year, correctly predicting 28 of the 32 first round picks. He is also on tape saying that he thought the New England Patriots could take University of Georgia running back Sony Michel with the 31st overall pick, due to some strategic leaks by Bill Belichick’s confidants.

“Evan, If Derrius Guice were on the board, could you see him being a fit with the Patriots at 31?,” podcast co-hose Josh Norris asked Silva.

“I don’t think so,” Silva sighed in response. “I think they think they can get what they need out of [Rex] Burkhead, [Mike] Gillisee, and Jeremy Hill. If they’re going to add anything, I think they’d add another playmaker RB and it would be Sony Michel.

“I was listening to The Ringer’s GM Street podcast with Mike Lombardi, a longtime Bill Belichick confidant, [he] mentioned that he heard that Sony Michel could fall in the draft because of medical concerns. And Mike Mayock, another Bill Belichick confidant, also mentioned that he thought Sony Michel could fall due to some medical concerns.

“So I’m really tempted to just full fade both of those [statements] and put Sony Michel to the Patriots at 31.”

That’s a pretty impressive reading of the tea leaves by Silva and it shows that Belichick can still pull the strings of both Lombardi and Mayock during their media sessions.

Michel definitely battled injuries during his time at the University of Georgia, but he was a top prospect that teams were trying to get back into the first round to select. The Patriots had to make the pick at 31 overall if they were going to add Michel.

As for Michel’s potential injury?

Q: How is your knee holding up?

Michel: I’m healthy.

Q: There are various reports out regarding the health of your knee. Can you clarify what the status of your knee is? Is it something that you have rehabbed or is something that you’re able to just play through the pain with?

Michel: I’m not sure what’s out there, but I’ve been playing with no problems. I don’t have any injuries. I’m not sure what you guys are hearing.

Hopefully he’s ready to be a workhorse for the Patriots.