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2018 NFL draft: Behind-the-scenes video reveals that Patriots view first-round rookie Isaiah Wynn as a left tackle

For a few seconds, the team's depth chart can be seen in the clip.

NCAA Football: Georgia at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

When the New England Patriots made their first pick of the 2018 NFL draft, they invested it in a versatile, polished technician that was as pro-ready as any offensive lineman in the draft despite being a bit undersized: Georgia's Isaiah Wynn. One of the better pass protector's in this year's draft, the 6'2, 310 lbs Wynn started his college career on the interior as the Bulldogs' left guard before moving one spot outside to tackle.

This versatility is part of his intrigue as it makes him an option to start at various spots come opening day. However, at least as things stand right now, it looks as if the Patriots view Wynn as a left tackle. We know that because for the second straight day, one of the behind-the-scenes clips posted on the team's website is rather revealing and includes the following frame of New England's current depth chart:


The frame is taken from the second round of the draft, when the Patriots made cornerback Duke Dawson the 56th overall selection. While the names are not legible, the colors reveal a bit about the current composition of the roster: The yellow cards are the rookies and it can be seen that the Patriots' staff has Wynn on the bottom of the left tackle spot. While this does not necessarily mean that he will not compete for a starting role, it shows that the team sees him on the outside rather than the inside right now.

What also can be found out is that the Patriots apparently want to add another quarterback and more linebackers. While the meaning of the blue and grey cards cannot be established with certainty, it looks as if they show the team's remaining targets in the draft and subsequent free agent. As can be seen, there is one at the bottom of the two-player quarterback depth chart as well as four cards when it comes to the linebackers.