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Instant analysis from the Patriots trade of the 105th overall pick with the Browns

The Patriots just love making trades.

Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The New England Patriots kicked off day three of the 2018 NFL Draft by trading the 105th overall pick to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for the 114th overall pick and 178th overall pick.

There is still plenty of talent on the draft board, so the players available at 114th won’t be too different from those at 105th and now the Patriots will have three selections in the sixth round and greater flexibility to move around the draft board.

The Patriots still need a linebacker and the top player on the board, Josey Jewell, was just selected by the Denver Broncos. The Patriots could also use a quarterback no the depth chart. The Patriots willingness to move down the board highlights how the team perceives the current draft talent at their positions of interest (not good).

The Patriots picks are now 114th, 143rd, 178th, 198th, 210th, and 219th.