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WATCH: Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski makes surprise hospital visit to woman awaiting organ transplants

Gronkowski visited Brigham and Women's Hospital recently to surprise a fan.

Rob Gronkowski has been in the news quite often since the New England Patriots' loss in Super Bowl 52, mostly because of the retirement rumors swirling around his persona. The NFL's best tight end made headlines again this week but for entirely different reasons: Gronkowski surprised a patient at Brigham and Women's Hospital Boston awaiting heart and kidney transplants.

27-year old Lauren Meizo recently posted a video to request a meet and greet with Gronkowski – and it did not take long for the Patriots to make it happen: On Monday, the star tight end visited Meizo, who is suffering from a rare form of Muscular dystrophy. Unsurprisingly, a camera crew was at hand to film the event:

Gronkowski, who was accompanied by his brother Gordie and Patriots vice president of media relations Stacey James, took selfies, spiked objects and in general was the goofball New England's fans know and love. “It was incredible,” Meizo later said about meeting the tight end. “He was so down to earth.”

“My nerves were gone once we started talking,” Meizo, who is awaiting her second heart transplant in five years, continued. “It was a dream come true.”