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Head of Patriots Charitable Foundation Josh Kraft honored for his work at local fundraising gala

Kraft was the honoree at this year’s Bridge Over Troubled Water Gala.


In this day and age, sports franchises do more than simply offering entertainment. Clubs have typically also established themselves as valuable parts of the fabric that is the local community – and the New England Patriots are no exception. In 1994, the team established its own charitable foundation at the behest of Robert Kraft, who had just acquired the team, and ever since then supports youth and families of the region.

The foundation itself is headed by Kraft's third son Josh, who helped it grow over the years to build connections to over 1,500 nonprofit organizations all over New England. For his important role within the philanthropic community of the north east, Josh Kraft was recently honored at the annual Bridge Over Troubled Water Gala:

Founded in 1970, Bridge Over Troubled Water is focused on improving the lives of runaway, homeless, and high-risk youths in and around Boston. The organization holds a fundraising gala each year, during which one distinguished honoree will be presented – this year, that honoree is Josh Kraft, who also serves as the CEO of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston. His late mother Myra was also once honored at the gala.

Furthermore, the Patriots organization donated $100,000 to Bridge Over Troubled Water. If you want to support the cause yourself, please click here.