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WATCH: Patriots first-round pick Sony Michel, other rookies try to draw their NFL teams' logos

Good job, good effort.


Each year, over 300 rookie players enter the NFL via draft and free agency. They are among the best collegiate athletes in the world and some of them will surely turn into super stars on the gridiron. It seems unlikely, however, that the same is bound to happen in the world of fine art as a recently released video by the NFL's official Twitter account illustrates.

A handful players selected early in the 2018 draft were asked to draw their new teams' logos. The results... well, look for yourself:

The New England Patriots' Sony Michel, who was drafted 31st overall out of Georgia, has a solid outing: He is able to capture the general shape of the logo and chooses the colors well. A solid effort by the 23-year old, who stays calm in this high-pressure situation – he only had 60 seconds to draw the Flying Elvis – and displays good vision to finalize his work.

The same cannot be said for some of his fellow rookies. The Ravens' Lamar Jackson, for example, goes for an Angry Bird, while the Buccaneers' Ronald Jones goes on to draw a boat instead of his team's flag logo. On the other end of the spectrum, first-overall pick Baker Mayfield's Cleveland Browns logo looks very accurate, and Washington's Derrius Guice earns points for creative re-thinking of his team's emblem.