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2018 NFL draft: I greatly enjoyed Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s draft day phone call with Isaiah Wynn

Robert Kraft makes me laugh a lot, even though he’s not trying to.

33rd Annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony - Arrivals Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images For The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The most frustrating thing about writing for a football/Patriots website during the spring and summer is that there is no football being played. We have the NFL Draft in April, which is always a blast. But other than that, there is just an excruciatingly long period between February and August in which I find myself struggling for ideas to write about here. I feel like a New Orleans native when it’s not Mardi Gras season. What the heck am I supposed to do?

Well, given that the draft was just last week, I could plow through highlight videos and scouting reports of all the players the Patriots drafted and try to analyze them and determine exactly how much they are going to help the team in 2018. But there are plenty of other guys here that are much, much better at that kind of thing than I am, so I’m going to leave that job to them. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve watched film and studied up on most of New England’s 2018 draftees just like every other fan. I’m just not going to try to break down every detail and aspect of their football abilities for you on here. Pats Pulpit has better guys than me for that.

But since I do need something to write about, and since football fans are still in the “hangover” stage of the NFL Draft, I’ll go ahead and talk about how I found Isaiah Wynn’s draft day phone call from the Patriots rather funny – mostly because of Robert Kraft. Listening to Kraft talk never gets old. The 76-year-old Patriots owner excels at unintentional comedy.

(By the way, for anybody who forgot, Isaiah Wynn was the offensive lineman from Georgia that New England selected 23rd overall. Just wanted to include that, in case anyone wasn’t caught up.)

After selecting Wynn with their first pick in the draft, the Patriots gave him up the usual phone call to let him know he was now a member of an NFL roster. Bill Belichick went first, and he didn’t waste anybody’s time. In typical Belichick fashion, he just got straight the point.

“Hey, Isaiah. It’s Coach Belichick. How are you doing? Congratulations, we’re going to make you a New England Patriot.”

Not much more for Belichick to say than that. Afterward he was finished, he handed the phone off to Kraft.

“Isaiah, congratulations. We’re excited that you’re joining us. You’re named after a great prophet. So we’ve got big expectations for you.”

I remember chuckling out loud when I watched the video of the phone call. One of the most wonderful and enjoyable things about Bob Kraft is that while he’s congratulating someone on achieving their lifelong dream of playing in the NFL, he can throw in a completely random fact that doesn’t really have anything to do with the current conversation. Congratulations on making it to the NFL, Isaiah. You’ll be a great fit here with the Patriots. You’re named after a great prophet. Um … neat?

Now I’m imagining myself getting hired for a dream job as a columnist for The Ringer, or ESPN, or the Boston Globe, and getting a phone call from my new boss.

“Hey Cody, just wanted to say congratulations. We’re excited to have you. You were born with a birth mark on your left hip. We think you’re going to do a great job with us here.”

Unintentional, random comedy at its finest, I’m telling you. To make it even better, Wynn and fellow first round draft pick (and former teammate at Georgia) Sony Michel visited Gillette Stadium the very next day, and Kraft greeted Wynn by calling him “Isaiah the prophet!”

I love you, Mr. Kraft. Don’t ever change.