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2018 NFL draft: Read the draft day experiences of the Patriots' rookie class

Let's find out how they experienced the event.

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One week ago, only two of the nine members of the New England Patriots' 2018 rookie class had already been selected: First-rounders Isaiah Wynn and Sony Michel, both out of Georgia. Seven more would soon follow and join one of the top organizations in the NFL – naturally an exciting moment for the players and their immediate environment.

After being selected, all nine players spoke to the media to talk – among other things – about how they experienced the draft. Let's find out (transcripts via

OT Isaiah Wynn

I was at home with my family so I just had my immediate family – my mom, brother, sister, nephew and my girlfriend. I just wanted to keep it close. My family is everything so it was great to be able to celebrate with them [...] It’s awesome. Who wouldn’t want to get a phone call from them? I mean it’s great and I’m just looking forward to starting this new chapter of my life.

My first reaction: I was shocked. I kind of saw the area code and state and all that popped up on my phone so you know my heart dropped of course because at the moment you’re nervous. But as soon as I started talking to Coach Belichick and Mr. Kraft it went good. I was just excited and my family couldn’t contain it as well.

RB Sony Michel

I was excited. I’m just honored just to be able to get a call from a prestigious program like the Patriots and it was just so much excitement. No words can really describe what the feeling was like. [...] I was watching the draft back at home with my family. [...] I just kind of didn’t expect the Patriots to call me. It’s one of those deals – this process has been so long and kind of not expecting the call. You’re kind of just watching TV and just to get the call before the pick and it’s like “Man, this is neat.”

CB Duke Dawson

I’m down in Kissimmee, Florida right now with family members. We rent out a big house and just all came together and just had a nice family time and just enjoyed the process. [...] It was so surreal. All my family members, we’re just watching TV and at the time I was just looking at all the picks to see what was going on and I kind of got caught in just watching the football players and the plays.

All of a sudden my phone started ringing. Then I saw a Massachusetts area code and when I saw that my heart just started beating and I just got so excited. Once I got on the phone and talked to Coach Belichick and talked to the general manager, I mean it just felt so surreal, man. I mean it’s been a dream come true since I was little, just being able to fulfill my dreams.

LB Ja'Whaun Bentley

I was at home down here in Maryland. We were just all sitting around, gathered around each other. I just wanted to make sure I was with family. The whole process was good. We were just making sure we were having a good time and when I got the call and I saw the Massachusetts [area code] on my phone, it was a surreal moment. I’m excited.

LB Christian Sam

I was at home with my family – my mom, my dad, my two sisters and my brother. So it was just me and my family sharing this moment.

WR Braxton Berrios

I was in a house we rented out with a bunch of my family and friends, and I was sitting there waiting on the call. [...] I was down in South Florida.

QB Danny Etling

It was really exciting. I had all my family here. I had past coaches and just some people I knew would be very supportive. I knew it might be a long day so I just was enjoying the process, enjoying everything, taking it all in. When I got the call and saw my name on the screen it was very exciting. I just couldn’t believe it was a dream come true and going to such a great organization and great coaches and a place where I really think I can develop into the player that I want to be someday. It was just a dream come true and I couldn’t stop smiling. So it was really exciting.

CB Keion Crossen

I mean the call that I got from the Patriots, it’s an unexplainable feeling. I was definitely with family and I was definitely watching the draft.

TE Ryan Izzo

I was sitting in my room talking to my agent coming toward the end of the draft just trying to figure out where I would go and I got a call from one of the scouts at the Patriots. Then they put Coach Belichick on and I’m so blessed to be able to be picked by such a prestigious organization. I’m just really excited. [...] I was ecstatic and my whole family was and we’re just really happy.