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Twin picks: Which NFL quarterbacks have been intercepted by both Jason and Devin McCourty?

Revisiting the seven quarterbacks Jason and Devin McCourty have both picked off during their NFL tenures.

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images

It’s safe to say Jason and Devin McCourty have some things in common.

The same goes for the seven NFL quarterbacks who’ve been intercepted by both over the past decade.

An overlap is to be expected. Jason McCourty has picked off 16 passes altogether from a dozen different QBs since entering the league as a Tennessee Titans sixth-round pick in 2009. And Devin McCourty, if including playoffs, has come away with 22 interceptions courtesy of 17 different arms since landing with the New England Patriots as a first-round choice in 2010.

So with the former joining the latter in the same secondary this offseason, that leaves a trivia question worth answering: Which passers have found themselves on the wrong side of twin picks?

With the help of Pro Football Reference, here’s the current list.

1. Philip Rivers – two combined: It’s a split here at one apiece. Jason McCourty’s second career INT transpired against the San Diego-turned-Los Angeles Chargers quarterback on Halloween of 2010. As for his brother, an eventual rookie Pro Bowl cornerback at the time, Rivers marked Devin’s first NFL pick just seven days prior on a sideline throw into the vicinity of wideout Patrick Crayton.

2. Joe Flacco – four combined: The Rutgers products have intercepted Flacco on four occasions to date, divvying things down the middle against the Baltimore Ravens QB. Jason intercepted Flacco in September 2011 with the Titans and then again in September 2017 with the Cleveland Browns. Devin, meanwhile, found the football in New England’s divisional-round playoff win in January 2015, as well as in December 2016.

3. Ryan Fitzpatrick – five combined: From January to November of 2012, the McCourty twins intercepted Fitzpatrick, then of the Buffalo Bills, a total of five times. Devin owned the rights to four of them, spanning over three AFC East meetings and netting 72 return yards. No quarterback has been picked more by New England’s free safety and team captain than Fitzpatrick – and that took less than one calendar year to transpire.

4. Mark Sanchez – three combined: Jason had a two-pick day versus Sanchez and the New York Jets back in December 2012, running them back for a total of 29 yards. With regards to Devin, he intercepted the former No. 5 overall draft selection in October of his first Patriots campaign on a pass headed towards 6-foot-3 wide receiver Braylon Edwards.

5. Ben Roethlisberger – three combined: A pair of red-zone interceptions were collected by Jason against Big Ben in the autumns of 2012 and 2014, and Devin picked off the Pittsburgh Steelers’ two-time Super Bowl winner in New England’s 55-31 runaway of 2013. The trio of turnovers delivered by Roethlisberger were all intended for perennial first-team All-Pro Antonio Brown.

6. Brock Osweiler – two combined: Jason got Osweiler in October 2016 and returned the ball six yards. Three months later, his identical twin intercepted the then-Houston Texans QB in the AFC divisional playoff round and returned it four yards. DeAndre Hopkins was the intended receiver on both passes ending with a McCourty.

7. Josh McCown – two combined: Devin’s lone interception of 2017 took place versus McCown and the Jets on a fourth-and-1 in October. And it was a familiar situation for McCown. Jason had picked off the now-39-year-old quarterback the week prior in what was a 17-14 loss in a winless Cleveland season.

And that’s the McCourty seven as it stands.

One or the other has intercepted an additional handful of the projected starting quarterbacks on New England’s upcoming schedule, so that number could continue to grow in 2018.

The Patriots, at least, have doubled the odds of seeing it firsthand.