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Terrell Owens is the latest member of the “The Patriots Are Cheaters” camp

This is no surprise.

SI Fashionable 50 Event Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

Terrell Owens, the former NFL wide receiver better known as T.O., is on the verge of being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but apparently he’s still stuck on the “The Pats Are Cheaters” thing that some people just can’t seem to move past. There’s even a video of Owens spewing some friendly trash talk with former NBA player Sam Cassell, as reported by TMZ Sports, and Tom Brady and Bill Belichick got dragged into the middle of it.

Owens and Cassell were apparently playing a game of pickup basketball, and somehow, T.O. got caught up on the topic of cheating. Why? Because he’s T.O. – not exactly a normal dude.

It was exactly the kind of rant you would expect from a guy like T.O.

“I beat you, Sam, I beat you,” Owens said in the video. “I beat you. I ain’t cheat you. You sound like the Patriots. I don’t care about the Patriots. Belichick, Brady – they cheaters. They cheated. They cheated.”

That’s nice, Terrell. Cool story.

T.O. accumulated plenty of accolades over his 15-year NFL career, including six Pro Bowls and being a five-time First Team All-Pro. One thing that eluded Owens, however, was a Super Bowl ring. He did get to play in one Super Bowl though – Super Bowl 39 – but his Eagles were defeated by the Patriots. Maybe he’s still bitter about that 13 years later? It is T.O. after all, so probably.

What does Owens, who is 44 years old, have going on these days? Well, as mentioned earlier, he’s about to be inducted into the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, but he has said that he won’t be attending the ceremony. Instead, he’ll be celebrating at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, which is where he played college football.

Call me crazy, but if I was fortunate enough to be inducted into the Hall of Fame for anything, much less the Pro Football Hall of Fame, there is no way I would miss that ceremony. Oh well.