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New England Patriots links 7/20/18 - Patriots secondary in great shape

Daily news and links for Friday

Divisional Round - Tennessee Titans v New England Patriots
Patrick Chung makes Titan-ic tackle
Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images



  • Ryan Hannable resets the Patriots offseason: Best move, worst move and everything in between. Biggest strength: Secondary.
  • Phil Perry’s countdown to camp: Will left tackle situation put Brady in peril?
  • Andrew Callahan writes how uncertainty around the O-line should not be equated with a lack of options or talent. The Patriots are armed with a sufficient supply of both.
  • Steve Balestrieri (PatsFans) 2018 Patriots training camp primer: Cornerback.
  • Mike Buchanan (BostonSportsExtra) Patriots training camp preview: Defensive ends.
  • Hal Bent (FullPressCoverage) Getting to know: Jason McCourty.
  • Kevin Duffy explains why history is not on the Patriots side to return to the Super Bowl following a loss in the championship game.
  • Henry McKenna (PatriotsWire) Chris Hogan’s agent recognizes opportunity for major payday.
  • Steve Atkinson (BostonSportsExtra) Tom Brady will miss Danny Amendola. /Absolutely.
  • Mike Reiss discusses the Danny Amendola interview: “In noting the comparison between Gase and Belichick, Amendola said he has respect for all his prior coaches -- calling Belichick one of the best of all time -- while expressing excitement with his present situation.”
  • Kaige DiPaolo (BostonSportsExtra) Danny Amendola thinks Gase is a friend, Belichick is a principal.
  • Ryan Hannable notes James Harrison believes reports of tension between Bill Belichick, Tom Brady are made up. /Preach, brother.
  • Mike Cole NFL Rumors: Patriots’ Brady-Belichick-Kraft drama wasn’t ‘hashed out’ during offseason. /Greg Bedard can go pound sand.
  • Alex Reimer notes that unsurprisingly, Tom Brady is being chided for his apparent dad bod, but TB12 took to Twitter to defend his build.
  • Ryan Hannable’s All-Time Patriots Bill Belichick team: Complete roster.
  • Mike Dussault (PatsPropaganda) Bill Belichick Hoodie 2018 preview. /Mike is the defacto Belichick hoodie expert.
  • Kevin Duffy passes along a report that Julian Edelman will not take his appeal to the federal courts.
  • Nick O’Malley questions why JetsArDarius Stewart got a 2-game PED suspension while Edelman got 4 games.
  • Nick O’Malley tells us which NFL teams have the most PED suspensions: Panthers, Bucs have been busted the most since 2000.
  • Andrew Callahan recaps how the Eagles O-line was unafraid of the Patriots’ Super Bowl defense: “The last defense we had seen was Minnesota’s, and we were like, ‘These dudes have got some players.’ Then we see [the Patriots] and we’re like, ‘These dudes have got some . . . coaches.’ “ /Sums it up fairly.