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I hope the Patriots never change their uniforms again

The Patriots have perfect uniforms. Why change them?

AFC Championship - Jacksonville Jaguars v New England Patriots
Navy blue jersey with silver pants for home games — never change it.
Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

I couldn’t help myself. I felt like I just had to write a counter-argument to Wednesday’s article written by Rich Hill, the excellent managing editor here at Pats Pulpit, about the Patriots’ uniforms.

Rich wrote that he wants the Patriots to switch to full-time usage of the color rush uniforms they’ve worn the last couple of years. His main argument was that he would like to see more solid colors – the pants being the same color as the jersey. During a Thursday Night Football home game in 2016, the Patriots wore an alternate navy blue jersey (it almost had a Captain America look to it) with navy blue pants. Then the following year, they wore color rush uniforms on the road, and it was just simply their white road jersey with white pants.

I disagree with Rich for a few reasons…

Reason No. 1: I have never been a fan of football teams that wear matching pants with their jerseys. Why? It looks like they are wearing pajamas. The Seattle Seahawks are the only team in the NFL that solid colors work for. With the Patriots though? It looks incredibly tacky in my opinion. The navy blue home version was somewhat acceptable since we only had to see it once during the season and not on a regular basis, but the solid white road version was utterly horrendous. Solid colors might work for some teams. They don’t work for the Patriots.

If the team decides they want to keep the navy blue Captain America jersey as its main uniform, that would be fine, just as long as they don’t wear matching pants with it. White or silver would do just fine.

Reason No. 2: When it comes to sports uniforms, I’ve never been big on alternate uniforms. I miss when NBA teams wore their traditional whites for home games and traditional darks for road games. Now they just wear whatever the heck they want. I can’t help it, but I’m a uniform traditionalist. I don’t like seeing 10 different uniforms per team.

I feel the same way about the NFL too. I wish teams would always wear their colored home jerseys for home games, and then their white road jerseys for away games. Most teams still do it that way, but they break further and further away from tradition every year.

New England Patriots v New York Jets
White jersey with navy blue pants for road games — never change it.
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

However, since most people disagree with me and prefer when teams wear alternate uniforms, I wouldn’t mind seeing teams wear an alternate for two games each year – once at home and once on the road. As for the Patriots, if they want to wear an alternate, they should hands down go with the classic red and white throwback every single time. Even though I will always prefer the current uniform design that they’ve worn since 2000, the classic Pat Patriot uniforms were incredibly slick – as long as they wear the red jersey with white pants, and don’t try to pull off some red-on-red nonsense.

Reason No. 3: The current uniform design – navy blue jersey with silver pants at home, and white jersey with navy blue pants on the road – has come to symbolize the New England Patriots juggernaut that opposing teams and fans have come to fear over the last two decades. Once the team made this their official uniform, they became the greatest football dynasty of all time … and it’s still going, almost 20 years later.

Simply because of that, I would never change the uniforms again.