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Patriots rookie RB Sony Michel finally signs his contract

One less headache to cross off before training camp.

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship Game-Alabama vs Georgia Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry in advance for any of the spelling errors/syntax errors/i-can’t-read-good-errors that you guys have come to expect from me because, well, it’s been a full Sunday of Sunday Funday and, if you’re Sony Michel, Sunday Funday involved getting a whole briefcase full of cash richer:

Oh, what, you thought we would just post stuff without expert verification? Witness our boy @patscap doing what he does best!

(aside from being irritatingly polite, of course):

In case you’ve been on a boat all summer or don’t really watch college football (I swear it is a TASK to explain to people in the southern United States that the Northeast isn’t exactly a college football hotbed), please witness our resident film Mr. Myagi Evan Lazar breaking down Michel’s BAMF Georgia tape:

Sleep tight, Patriots Nation, training camp and The Running of the Patriots Fans is only a few days away.